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Winona County Soil & Water Conservation District

 P.O. Box 39, 400 Wilson Street

 Lewiston, MN 55952

 Phone: (507) 523-2171 Ext. 3

Tree Sales

Winona County SWCD offers trees and shrubs to plant for conservation purposes.  Some of these plantings could include:


Wildlife Habitat

Farmstead Shelterbelt

Timber Production

Field Windbreak

Visual Screen

Tree order forms for spring planting are usually available starting in late October.  Orders are then accepted  through March or until trees and shrubs are sold out.

Winona County SWCD will not sell tree or shrub species listed as invasive.  See a list at this link.

MN DOT Plant Selector MN Shade Tree Advisory Committee Minnesota Native Trees & Shrubs - MN DNR Trees, shrubs, and Vines (MN Extension) Invasive Terrestrial Plants - MN DNR MN DNR Seedling Ordering Information

Information on specific tree or shrub species can be found at this link.  Once at the web site you can search by name, then scroll through the list to find and select the species of interest, display the selected plants, hover over the species name for quick information or look at the data sheet, and even download a PDF data sheet of your selected species.

My Minnesota Woods (MN Extension) The Right Tree Brochure (MN Power) Farmstead Shelterbelt/Windbreak Design Recommended trees for SE MN (MN Extension)

Additional Links

2018 Tree & Shrub Order Form - PDF

State of Minnesota Programs available to us require the use of native species whenever possible.

Payment in full is required with all orders.

Trees and shrubs will be available for pick up sometime in April; A notice of the exact day and time will be sent out in late March.

2018 order forms are now available

Every effort is taken to provide quality stock, but the numerous variables beyond our control once the trees and shrubs leave us (handling, site preparation, soil types, chemicals, planting methods, soil moisture, maintenance…), prevents us from offering any warranty on the trees and shrubs.

(Please print out order form and mail it with payment to Winona County SWCD)

Minnesota Forest Industries

Sold Out: American Cranberrybush, Balsam Fir, Red Oak, Sugar Maple, White Cedar & White Spruce.  Others are low, please check on availability before ordering.